stockquote command

I just committed a new "stockquote" command, which can take any number of ticker symbols -- it was designed to show off using the new response mechanism to send back multiple responses to the client. It is also a decent example of using the "active" status of a command.

This will also be a good candidate for a possible persistence mechanism -- for instance, you could save a bunch of ticker symbols and just ask the bot instance to give you quotes for all of them without needing to enter them. But, that's an open question: should the SLIMBot framework provide such persistence, or should a developer be expected to roll their own?

I do think SLIMBot should probably have some kind of application and session-level caching mechanism, but persistence is probably outside the scope. But, if that's true, how would a developer do something like tell their code what datasource to use for a query when interfacing their persistence mechanism inside a SLIMBot command? Would they be expected to build some kind of facade for use specifically in SLIMBot? Would that be something in the instance-level config (another topic not yet addressed)?

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