Release 0.0.3

I have cleaned up some of the code and fixed a couple bugs, so I am releasing a 0.0.3 in case anyone is out there testing.

The big TODO items to tackle are per-instance configuration that can be accessed inside the listener and some mechanism for authentication that allows for a flexible security system.

Release 0.0.2

Well, since RIAForge is having growing pains on its new server I can't upload a release file, which I think is now ready to be called 0.0.2 (not yet doing tagging in SVN given the early maturity of the code). But, let's see if I can upload it to the blog using the "enclosure"....

(UPDATE: sadly, the answer seems to be no == if you check out the main trunk of SVN [revision 5, for those keeping score, though I'll try to keep the HEAD fairly stable for now] you will get what I am calling 0.0.2)

(UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: uploading is now fixed, and release 0.0.2 is live!). Use the download link on the main project page:

First Code Release

The first working version of SLIMBot is now in SVN. I consider release 0.0.1, though I haven't even created a versioning system yet. If you try it out, would like to hear your experiences -- check out the questions in the README.txt file, as well as the questions that are in the TODO section of the comments in the slimbotGateway.cfc in the main directory.

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