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SLIMBot Issue: Multiple Responses

Name: Multiple Responses
ID: 1
Project: SLIMBot
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: Low
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Nathan Dintenfass
Created: 01/27/07 8:33 PM
Updated: 01/27/07 10:24 PM
Description: - Should have a way to have multiple responses, so it doesn't need to come all in one messages -- perhaps a mechanism where the response from a command is really an array of responses, each of which, by default goes to the send, but not necessarily so -- the trick is to make that as easy as possible for the "simple" commands while allowing for something more sophisticated -- the implication is that the mechanism of calling a command and getting something back from it probably needs more machinery than in the early alpha release -- and it suggests some kind of stateManager as well (and/or a way that the gateway interacts more richly with the baseCommand). So, instead of the doCommand having a RETURN value, it could instead call a method called response(message [,recipient]) where recipient is by default the person requiesting the message. Internally, then there would be a response queue held as an array that would then be executed after the doCommand was finished. This implies the baseCommand is now going to need to be instantiated and hold the response internally (or should the stateManager do that!!), then the gateway will instantiate the command, then after running doCommand it will need to call getResponseQueue, then loop through the array and send back the commands (using the built-in gateway functions rather than just doing the return value, most likely).
History: Created by ndintenfass (Nathan Dintenfass) : 01/27/07 8:33 PM

Updated by ndintenfass (Nathan Dintenfass) : 01/27/07 10:24 PM
This was implemented on 1/27/07.

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